Tips To Staying Young Longer

No matter what age you are now, don’t ever stop wanting to stay younger!

Are you looking for ways of staying young and vibrant for longer? We all have to grow up and grow old. With age can come a stiffer body, wrinkles and other underlying health conditions. If only we could freeze time and stay youthful forever.

You could change the way you look by going in for plastic surgery. But if you want help staying younger using more natural and less invasive methods, then the information I have for you will help you greatly.

Your attitude is important!

Seriously your attitude plays a vital role in you staying young and feeling young. If you have a positive attitude then you’re on your way to improving the way you look and the way your body works.

You can’t expect to look young if you don’t believe that you can. You simply must start believing that if you start today to take care of yourself, then that will show itself in your body.

Do you take regular exercise?

Exercise is a great addition to staying young because it strengthens your muscles and joints. It’s obvious to say but to combat joint stiffness and the complications and weaknesses that aging often brings, then it’s in your interest to add some regular exercise to your life if staying young is a priority.

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Do you watch what you eat?

When it comes to staying young you do need to watch what you eat. You need to make real sure that you’re getting enough nutrients and vitamins to keep your body healthy and well and free from diseases, bone fractures and energy.

Don’t let constant ill health hasten your aging process, as illness will age you very quickly and or you will struggle longer to get well again.

Enjoying yourself is important!

If staying young is what you want, then make sure that you’re having fun in your life! Nothing helps you stay younger longer than the sheer joy of fun. Never dwell on your fears.

In a similar vain, kick out any stress in your life as these will only help you age faster. Stresses and worries will line your face. When you are often depressed, the lines of worry eventually show in your face.

Laugh your way to staying young!

Many of these points dovetail and work hand in hand when it comes to staying young If you understand how important a sense of humor is then you will find that you can laugh off many of the ‘problems’ that might turn into ongoing worries and stresses, so a sense of humor is vital. Don’t let life lead you around by the nose, you can take the lead and ditch your worries. This alone can free you and help you stay younger for longer.

Are you drinking enough water to stay younger?

Take lots of fluid to let moisture stay in your body. If your body and skin are well hydrated, then your skin will not only appear less wrinkled your joints, bones and bodily systems will also suffer less wear and tear. Water and fluids definitely help you in staying young – less lines and less wrinkles.

Approach your staying young goal one step at a time and you’re more likely to have ongoing success.

So set yourself goals!Set up two goals that you want to achieve and continue working on over the next two weeks!. Don’t get hung up on any mistakes you might have made in the past. If you’re ready to seriously stay young and hold back the aging process, you’re going to have to look forward and move forward with a plan. If you do this, then staying young at heart will not be as difficult. In fact, it might be even easier than you think.

Happiness should be paramount for you and then the rest will follow.

Pick out two goals right now and work your way through those for two weeks.

The Secrets To Staying Young Forever – Stay Young Longer

It’s obvious, some day in your life, you looked at a pretty face, trying to guess in which college she studies and then suddenly from nowhere a kid aged around 8 years comes and hugs that beautiful lady and says ‘mumma’ and you are shocked. Yes, shocked is the word. It’s more than stunning how some people look a lot younger than their age and some look like that were born old.

How you can be on the earlier side is what you can find here:

Go on read carefully and most important, follow religiously.

1) Cleanse & Moisturise:

As far as possible, keep your skin especially face as clean as possible and after every wash, make sure you moisturize it. The more your skin retains moisture the younger look you maintain. Take extra care of sensitive wrinkle areas, near mouth and eyes.

2) Sleep Well:

Well everyone has a different version of how many hours of sleep. Although most of the researchers recommend 8 hours of sleep; but my view is you should get enough sleep, so that when you wake up, you should feel reenergized. What for sleep is? It’s basically time for body to rejuvenate itself. So better your sleep, more good for you and your skin.

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3) Eat Healthy:

Drink loads of water at least 8 glasses a day. And water means water, not just any liquid. Water is known to cleanse our system of toxins. Also increase fresh juicy fruits in your diet. Fresh vegetables and good protein diet will also go a long way in giving you a younger look.

4) Don’t overeat:

When we overeat for long, our skin stretches and body expands, so when we try to loose weight after that, some stretch marks may remain. So, it’s better to be careful from beginning. Don’t overeat and don’t under eat. Try to keep your weight as close as possible to your ideal weight.

5) Exercise:

Ideally a 30 minutes exercise will keep you fit and looking young. Exercise improves your blood circulation and keeps your muscles working. However, don’t overdo.

6) Avoid Smoking:

There’s an old saying. Those who smoke never get old because they die in their youth. I am sure you won’t like to do that to you. Moreover, you might have noticed those who smoke, look tired and pale. With smoking the skin ages faster and looks older. So, it’s best to say no the first time.

7) Avoid Stress:

Stress will take its toll. Nothing gets better by worrying, it only gets worst. There’s no problem in this world that doesn’t have a solution and definitely by worrying it doesn’t get resolved. Patience pays. Every night however long is followed by a day. So stay calm. Stress disrupts normal sleep which will adversely affect your health and your looks. The problem will get a solution today or tomorrow but your skin vitality once lost will not be easy to get back.

So, to stay young longer, eat healthy, stay calm and SMILE a lot.

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Everyone is concerned about growing old. We are looking for solution to find eternal youth. Everything passes through the cosmetics, a cosmetic surgeon in the bend and now the latest discovery of this line, the secret of the human genome, or more specifically, the gene responsible for our aging process.

In most of the world, we try at all costs, delaying the agonies of aging, no longer wants to grow old. Gray hair and “crow’s feet” had better watch out!

Everybody wants thesecret to staying young!

But back to reality, aging is an inevitable process and no one can stay young forever or turn from one moment to another … But there are some actions you can take that will slow the aging process without having to take radical measures.

If you undertake these actions and apply them easily in your life, you will look younger and feel younger for much longer.

Here are the top 7 secrets to look younger and feel younger:

1.Select anti aging foods.

Fruits and vegetables are your best allies.
Eat preferably raw and fresh, try to vary each day. The colors are important; a different color means a different source of vitamins, what you need if you want to keep a youthful appearance!

• Fruits and raw vegetables have the power to eliminate toxins from your body.

2.Why the body needs movement to live long and healthy.

“Idleness is helping to accelerate aging. “It is essential to exercise and move around if you want to preserve muscle strength, flexibility, energy and vitality.

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Your body and mind need exercise. This does not mean you have to lift weights or run miles every day. Stay active, do a daily walk, dance, do your household, or in fact anything that makes your body move!

• The key to staying young and keeping a healthy heart: body movement.

3.The dangers of alcohol consumption. Although alcohol has the power to make you feel good, it dehydrates your body and damage your liver. Your liver’s role is to detoxify your body. So if you want to stay young, do not drink or limit what you drink.

• A glass of red wine occasionally brings nutrients that protect against heart attacks. So if you want to drink from time to time, stick with red wine.

4.The tobacco, the leading cause of cancer mortality and cardiovascular disease. Everyone knows that smoking is a major cause of lung cancer and other diseases. If you are a smoker, it is necessary to stop immediately, if you want to live a long and healthy life. You must stop smoking before it is too late.

• Do not stop myself.
Join a support group in your local community or online, you’re more likely to succeed.
Get help, is the secret to success

5. Prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Yes, tanning helps you, gives you good looks, but eventually it dries your skin and wrinkles. This makes you look older. If this does not discourage you expose yourself too long in the sun, remember also that prolonged exposure to sunlight is the cause of skin cancer.

• Stop the aging of your skin by avoiding prolonged exposure to sunlight. Be proud of your complexion and console yourself by saying that when you are older you will look better than those who are tanning regularly!

6. Consume more vegetables and less meat
The health experts have very different views regarding red meat, is it good or bad for health? However, studies suggest people who stopped the consumption of red meat feel better in comparison to people who eat it regularly. If you cannot do without, so try to limit it in your diet. This will slow the aging of your body.

• By eating less meat you will lower your cholesterol and decreasing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

7. Manage your stress
Nowadays everybody suffers from stress and daily pressure. You need to stop and breathe occasionally. It is a fact that stress adds years to your appearance. Yes, it is true that a life free of stress is virtually no or very little these days, but you’ll need to learn to control it if you want to look and stay young very long

• A simple way to reduce stress is to keep each day a good time for you and relax with friends or family.

Life is a gift we must cherish every day of our life on earth. If you want to stay young very long, these 7 rules apply in your daily life. They will help slow the aging process.

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Invest Young Retire Young

Where to Find Reliable Retirement Planning Advice – Dont Blow Your Retirement Planning

The word retirement is accepted favorably by some and with trepidation by others. It means one thing to you and probably something completely different to your neighbor. Some people look forward to pursuing new hobbies or interests while others look forward to relaxing. Regardless of what retirement means to you, one thing always holds true – you need a retirement plan if you want a secure retirement. You need some retirement planning advice.

Take a little time to consider who you want to spend your retirement and begin moving toward the plan of action that will take you comfortably into your later years. Once you have defined your retirement goals, you need to consider which direction to take your financial resources so that you can make sure that you have a comfortable retirement. There are places you can check out that have solid financial planning and retirement planning advice.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab can help you plan for your retirement by giving you valuable advice and the necessary tools to make it happen. You can request their free “Retirement Planning Guide” or contact a Schwab retirement specialist for retirement planning advice. They will make sure that you do everything that you can to strengthen your retirement income.


The MetLife website has a wealth of information in their “Life Advice Series” as well as other areas within the site. The retirement planning advice is practical and solid. There is a “Retirement Toolbox” that can help you plan for your retirement. “MetLife Retirement” offers some excellent advice for people who are already retired or those who are a long way from retirement, you just choose your category and MetLife has the answers and advice that you want.

Ameriprise Financial

Ameriprise has a “Retirement Planning” section on their website. You can learn about the retirement stages, and there are lots of answers to common questions about retirement from social security to how much you will need to save in order to retire. You can find a wealth of retirement planning advice on this website.

Retirement Plan Advisors

If hands on planning is more your thing, then Retirement Plan Advisors (RPA) is the company for you. The offer personal service in a wide range of financial planning services including retirement planning advice. They can help you get your retirement planning on track, regardless of where you are on the retirement path.

Third Age

Third Age is a website that is devoted to “older” adults. That is, people who are approaching retirement age or who are retired. They have practical financial information and retirement planning advice that you can definitely use. Check out their “Retire Well” section for great tips.

There are many, many great sites that can help you plan for your retirement. In fact, you may even find it helpful to combine the retirement planning advice from several areas to find the plan that works for you. The important thing to remember is to select a retirement plan that suits your lifestyle and sets you on a path to achieve the type of retirement that you really want.

How to stay young no matter how old you get

The Complete Guide to Finally Understanding How to Stay Young

This report will show you how you can reduce the affects of wrinkles and other things that can cause you to look like you want to sit in a rocking chair all day.  These are simple things that anyone can do and they’re really easy to take on!

You will discover strategies and ideas you can use to help keep your mind in a youthful mindset and stop the “getting old” process.  Most of these things you can do in your own home.  Think about it—you don’t even have to leave your house!  With this report, you will find natural solutions to look, think and feel better and healthier.

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It won’t take thousands of dollars to staying young…
Did you know that vitamins and minerals are essential for a balanced body?

Physical activity is one of the best ways to stay youthful and get fit.

You don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars for unnecessary surgery. But you want an image that makes people say “Wow!”

So, what are you waiting for?  Get started now and prevent the onset of wrinkles and a broken down body. The last thing you need as you age chronologically is to look like an old hag or a prune.  You want people to take notice, have them do a double take.  They won’t know what to think.

The longer you wait, the more your mind can start thinking the opposite way and you won’t feel the need to maintain your body.  It will be harder for you to get the mindset that you need to get fit as soon as possible.

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12 Simple Ways To Stay Young As You Get Older

Are you starting to feel your age?

I’ve hit my forties and really for the first time in my life I’m having to start to think about ways to stay young.

I want to be sure I’m in good physical shape later in my life so I can enjoy the fruits of retirement.  I want to travel, play with my future grandchildren and generally stay active, but to do this I need to remain in great physical and mental shape.

Therefore, I’ve taken a greater interest in how to stay young.  Staying active and healthy for as long as possible is a big part of living life to the fullest.

The Ways I Plan to Stay Young As I Get Older

I get tired of seeing grandmas dressing like twenty year olds.  This is not what I mean when I say that I want to stay young.  I’m also not into plastic surgery or what I consider to be other extreme ways of trying to preserve youthful looks.  This is vanity taken too far.

I believe a person should act their age, I just don’t think they should have to feel old.  I want to be sure that I have the energy, health and mental acuity to live an active, vibrant life for many years to come even if I start wearing my dress socks with my shorts.

I’ve decided to focus on a dozen simple ways to keep myself feeling young as I get older.  Here is what I plan to do:

1.  Eat Foods with High Nutritional Value

I plan to include the eight best foods to eat every day in my regular diet.  However, I’m also going to look for other foods that have high nutritional value.  I want to avoid foods that are fatty and contribute to heart disease.  I also want to control my calorie intake.  I don’t want to get crazy, but I do want to feed my body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

2.  Exercise to Keep My Heart Healthy and Body Strong

Mainly, I ride a stationary bike 4 to 5 times per week for about 20 to 25 minutes per session for good cardiovascular health.  However, I need to add some upper body strength training to my routine.  Staying strong is important as one grows older.  My wife has found that Wii Fit is a great addition to a physical fitness plan.

3.  Read Variety of Good Books to Stay Sharp

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Reading is a very easy thing for me to do because I enjoy it immensely.  The good news is that there are a number of benefits we derive from reading books.  Primarily, it helps us to keep our minds sharp and to stay abreast of the latest trends.  If you are looking for examples of what to read, I highlight a lot of great books in my Resources for Super-Charged Living and also in 5 Incredible Books That Changed My Life.

4.  Maintain a Positive and Enthusiastic Attitude

It is common to hear that people grow old and bitter.  I definitely want to avoid this.  I believe our thoughts have incredible power over our lives.  Henry Ford said, “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.”  I want to keep my attitude positive and enthusiastic as I grow older.  I believe this will afford me the best life possible.

5.  Engage Children and Young Adults in Activities

One powerful way to keep feeling young is to surround yourself with young people.  Their energy, enthusiasm and liveliness tends to be infectious.  I know that my two young daughters help to keep my wife and I moving.  The activities we engage in as a family and with other young families are good exercise and feed our minds the message that we are young and active.

6.  Spend Plenty of Time Outdoors

Nature is rejuvenating.  When you are outside, you are naturally active.  Sitting down and becoming a couch potato is the quickest way to grow old fast.  Your body and your mind deteriorate when they are idle.  Fresh air, sunshine and the sounds of nature are stimulating.  One of my favorite things to do outdoors is go for an invigorating hike.

7.  Cultivate a Good Sense of Humor

There are some really amazing health benefits to laughing more often.  I think we have to work to cultivate our sense of humor throughout our lives.  Being witty is an important part of being charming and charming people build more relationships.  Laughing and having supportive relationships are two essential ways to beat stress which is a major factor in aging.

8.  Discover New Hobbies for Continual Learning

Hobbies help us to stay mentally and physically active.  One day I hope to start a saltwater aquarium.  I love the ocean and diving so this is a way that I can bring a piece of it home with me to admire daily.  The desire to learn new things is an essential part of staying mentally sharp.  As an added bonus, you may be able to generate some extra income from your hobbies.

9.  Practice Gratitude Daily

Practicing gratitude is very important to me.  Reminding ourselves of all that we have to be thankful for helps to make us happy and keep us positive.  I believe gratitude is important no matter what your age, but as we grow older it helps us to remember how rich and fulfilling of a life we truly have.  Practicing gratitude helps us to maintain the proper mental attitude which directly impacts our physical health as well.

10. Teach and Encourage Others in Worthy Matters

A great way to feel useful and significant is to share your wisdom and experience with others.  Knowing that you still have value and can contribute in a positive way to the life of others really helps one to stay young.  Many people greatly underestimate their value as they age.  Getting involved in teaching people a useful skill, hobby or concept is a fantastic way to feel young.

11. Challenge Self to Take New Risks

As we grow older, we often become more conservative and less willing to take risks.  We need to continually push ourselves outside our comfort zone in order to fight becoming stagnate.  The best way to overcome fear is to plow right through it!  Think about starting your own business or learning to scuba dive or traveling to Europe.  One or more of these will help you to feel young and alive!

12.  Continue Quest to Live Life to Its Fullest

For me, I know that living life to the fullest is a life-long quest.  It is something that I will never give up on.  I also know that it will help me to stay young at heart.  It pushes me to test the boundaries and to follow my sense of curiosity.  Life certainly doesn’t end when you reach 40, 50, 60, 70 or even 80!  Many people have accomplished amazing things late in life.  Growing older is inevitable, but we can never stop living!

What are you doing to stay young as you get older?

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10 Ways to Stay Young – SECRET TO STAYING YOUNG

Ten Ways to Stay Young

This idea comes from my mother. Last night we discussed about this topic. Actually my mother shared about her self. A couple days ago she met her student. The first students of my mother have been married now. And they become father and mother. Her students said that my mother still look young. I mean with her age right now almost 58 years old. He is a teacher of elementary school. She was started teaching from 1972. We can imagine the age of her student. I thought most of her first student age is 45 years old.

After our conversation last night give me an idea to write about this topic. I also found about several hubbers who also write the similar topic like this. But I want to make something different with them. With my writing style, I hope this hub is useful and easy to understand. I try to give well explanation. We can choose the tips which suitable with our condition.

I found some people doing many ways to look younger. Even spend a lot of money to achieve this. Like: plastic surgery, bottox injection, and many types of skin treatment. In my city I can easily found several treatments to make us younger like: Light Therapy (overcome various problems of skin), Microdermabrsion (Technology who developed by experts from the German Dermatology effectively help to overcome the facial skin), OXY-Skin (Oxy-Skin technology using O2 Liquid Base functioning to stimulate Collagen and elastin tissue formation in the dermis to tighten skin). Microcurrent (a technology in skin tightening that helps reduce signs of aging), Lifting (this treatment works to improve skin elasticity, especially because the age factor). But we have to pay this much.

I thought many of us want to stay young and many people dream about this. It made us more confident. Who ever thought that our age is 40 years old, but still look like 30 years old. Personally, I love something natural and it reduces many effects for our body. We can do this every day and without a lot of cost. I want to share some useful tips for us, something simple but easy to do. Here are ten ways to stay looking young:

1. Drink six until eight glass of water every day

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This is not a new method, but it good to remind us how the important of drinking water every day. Many people have proven the miracle of drinking water. With a lot drinking, in addition to eliminate dehydration but also makes your skin moist, give nutrition and prevent wrinkles.

2. Stretching and strengthening your legs

This exercise will help increase blood circulation and prevent varicose veins.This exercise is very good for warming your feet before you walk, I always doing this before jogging. It looks simple but we can try this only fifteen minutes.

3. Train the upper body

Free weights (dumbbells and barbells) make the body more solid and strong. This is because the body must remain in a stable position when lifting weights. In lifting and lowering movement of the load, the main muscles in the torso section is responsible for maintaining balance and posture remain perfect. This exercise will protect to against osteoporosis.The first, we could try a light dumbbell.

4. Strengthen your abdominal muscles five times a week

Sit-up is the best exercise to increase blood flow to vital organs, and repair tissue damage. With abdominal muscles tight, this good to prevent the wide circle of waist. So we are far from overweight. Provided within fifteen minutes of every day.

5. We can add aerobic exercise

In my city I can easily found many teenagers and mothers joined aerobic club. They usually do this exercise two times a week. With energic music and the sweat all over the body, it could increase their spirit to reach the benefit of aerobic. This will help the heart and lungs to stay young and healthy. The skin becoming tight and the face always fresh all the time.

6. Choose the best activities that could enhance brain power

I found activities that I didn’t realize before these good for our brain. Such as jogging, cycling, brisk walking, these exercises will sharpen memory. Have you ever thought that kind of these activities can sharpen the memory? But I get the fact that many people who love jogging, cycling and brisk walking could increase their brain power. Writing on articlebase always made us younger. We always use our brain to search good topic to create great hub. Reading also the best activities to boost the power of brain. Reading is also the best activity to boost the power of brain.

7. Use diaphragm breathing

I thought we always breathing every day. But do you know the effective breathing for our health? Breathe through your nose, because of all pollutants will be absorbed first before getting into the lungs. And then exhale slowly through your mouth. With relaxed breathing will reduce the stress that will accelerate the aging.

8. Grilled or steamed your food.

I heard some information told that steamed food is the best cooking method and this is a healthy method in cooking. Diet program also suggested by eating steamed food. This is to prevent the body from cholesterol and fat. We can reduce the cooking method by frying. You can add salmon two times per week in your diet menu. Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins that will fight diseases caused by free radicals.

9. Try colored vegetables

We get healthy body by eating vegetable is not the secret anymore. Even the chlidren know about this. But better to choose colored vegetables, like spinach, broccoli, tomatoes and romaine lettuce every day for lunch and dinner. Dark green vegetables have cancer-fighting properties and vitamin C can boost your immune system. By eating vegetables make your skin look tight and your face always fresh.

10. Enjoy fresh fruit for dessert

We can choose several fruits like watermelons, guavas, and papayas. These are fruits that can fight the cell damage that causes premature aging.

11. Bonus: Sleep enough

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What You Need to Know About Retirement Investing

Traditional Investments Used for Retirement Investing

Saving for retirement is similar to saving for other things in that you have similar investment options. Here is a run-down of the traditional investments and how they can work as retirement investments.


Stocks provide the highest potential growth of all retirement investments but also come with the highest potential risk. A higher allocation of stocks is best early in your career when there is plenty of time before retirement to deal with any downturns in the market.


As a retirement investment, bonds provide a lower growth rate than stocks but are much less risky in an economic downturn. It is a good idea when saving for retirement, to increase your allocation into bonds while decrease retirement investment allocation of stocks.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds encompass a wide range of different types of funds available. This can include anything from an actively managed fund to an indexed fund. Actively managed funds will typically invest in a mixture of both bonds and stocks in an attempt to beat the market. Index funds are cheaper because they are not actively managed and attempt to hold stocks or bonds as a mirror of the market and tend to perform close to the performance of the market.

As a retirement investment, mutual funds can be a good way to diversity your portfolio without the micromanagement that may be involved. Mutual fund allocation decisions should be made based on what types of stocks or bonds they invest in along with what type of asset allocation there is within the mutual fund itself.

Retirement Investing with Retirement Accounts

When saving for retirement, you have a few tools that are not available for other type of investments. These retirement accounts are built specifically to support your retirement investing. Here is a quick rundown of the different types of retirement investment accounts available.


The 401k is an employer sponsored retirement investing account. Like all three of these investments, it is tax-deferred meaning that you are not taxed on the funds you place into these accounts until you withdraw them. 401k is the most popular retirement investment account and should be exhausted first because of the potential for employer deposit matches or contributions. There is a limit of $16,500 a year that can be put into your 401k.


An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is similar to a 401k with the tax deferral feature. It only has a $5,000 yearly contribution limit and there is no chance for employer contributions. Once your 401k has been fully contributed to, you should put remaining money into your IRA until the limit is reached.


Retirement Annuities are offered by life insurance companies and have very high fees of around 3% a year. These instruments should only be used for retirement investing if the specific features offered are worth the 3% fee. These retirement investments are rather heavily pushed by financial salespeople because of the very high commissions they provide. Make sure you are informed before diving headlong into something that could very well be a poor retirement investment choice for you.

To read more about these different retirement investments, see our article on Retirement Accounts.

Asset Allocation Strategies

Asset allocation for your retirement investing should depend primarily on age and distance from retirement. It is always a good idea to have a mixture of different retirement investments rather than focusing exclusively on one so you can diversify your portfolio and control for risk more effectively.

There are three phases of your life you should focus on when allocating your retirement investments.

Early Career

In your early career you want to build up your wealth through investments as quickly as possible. You also have a long time before retirement giving you ample room to regain any losses in the market. This is the time where you want to allocate the largest percentage of your retirement investments into high growth investments such as stocks. Always make sure to diversity and not put all of your retirement savings into just a few stocks to avoid unnecessary risk.

Mid Career

The middle of your career is when you want to start reducing your risk as to not wipe out a large portion of your retirement savings when you are preparing to retire. This phase is around 7-20 years before you are preparing for retirement. The range is rather large because as with all retirement investing, it depends heavily on your circumstances and we can only give general guidelines and things to consider.

At this point you want to tone down the level of allocation put into high risk and high growth retirement investments such as stocks. It may be tempting to keep a large portion there for the high potential growth, but if a market downturn similar to this recent one hits you at a bad time, you may have to spend more years working to make up those losses or deal with a reduced income or running out of money upon retirement.


At this point of your life, you should already have a healthy amount of retirement savings due to your smart retirement investing. The goal at this point is to protect the money you have from loss and also from inflation. It is not enough to just put it into a bank account because your retirement savings will be chewed up by the average inflation rate of 3% per year.

To meet this goal you want to have a portfolio more heavily allocated to retirement investments that will hold your wealth steady. This means less in stock and more in bonds and indexed mutual funds.

Withdrawal Strategies

Upon retirement you will have your nest egg of retirement savings, but what is the best way to make it last? The general rule based on studies is that withdrawing 4% of the total each year and increasing the percentage with inflation is likely to net about 30 years of income from your savings. We can’t predict how long we will live so this step can be very difficult because if you live longer than expected you may run out of funds.

Additionally, if you are hedging against inflation in your account, there will still be upturns and downturns in the market. Not enough to wipe out your retirement savings but there will be fluctuations. To compensate, you can withdraw more of your retirement savings in boom periods and less in bust periods.

Withdrawal from your retirement savings can be further supplemented by other income sources. This could include a small business run by the retiree as a hobby / income source. The retiree can also work a part time job to bring in more money to allow the retirement investments more time to grow.


There are a variety of retirement investments available for the different life circumstances someone may be in. This article gives you an overview of your options and different things to consider when planning your retirement investments. It may be a good idea to hire a professional financial planner to help you assess which retirement investments best fit your life. Make sure this is a legitimate financial planner and they aren’t trying to sell you on things you don’t need to inflate their commission. The best protection against that is having base knowledge of the different options available yourself to avoid any major pitfalls. Saving for retirement is a very involved process and you should make sure you are putting in the time necessary to pick the best plan for your own retirement investing.

Retirement Calculators – Before and After Retirement

Calculating Our Finances Before Retirement

It seems that most of the retirement calculators on the Internet are designed by investment and securities firms whose goal is to make you invest with them and make them money. These calculators do not necessarily give you the true picture of your retirement finances.

If you plan to work after retirement and the calculator does not allow for income from a retirement job, your retirement financial projections will be off by a mile. Income from a retirement job can have a very positive impact on your retirement finances.

While researching retirement calculators on the Internet, we found three (there may be more) that include income from work after retirement. These are listed at the end of the article so keep reading.

Even these calculators have a weakness since they ask for the amount of annual income from a job after retirement, but do not ask for the age when that income will stop. They assume the income will continue until death which is not accurate. We are all living longer, but I doubt if many of us will still have a job at 90.

Calculating Our Finances After Retirement

Once we retire, the variables involved in calculating retirement finances are greatly reduced. Unless Aunt Bess leaves you an unexpected inheritance in her will, you know the amount of your retirement savings that has to last your lifetime.

Unless inflation runs away during our retirement, the major variables we have to consider are how much we budget to spend each year, the amount we make from our retirement job, and how long we choose to work at that retirement job.

Income from a retirement job has a very positive impact on your retirement finances. As a part of your retirement planning, have you thought about continuing to work after retirement?

Let’s do a fast calculation and see the impact of an after retirement job on your retirement finances. Let’s calculate the amount of investment that you need to generate a monthly income of $1,000 per month.

To do this we need to make a few assumptions. Assume the income generation rate of your investments is five percent (5%). Let’s assume that we are not going to take any principle from your investments to do this. This will leave the principle intact for use later after you have stopped working in your retirement job.

The calculation is how much principle is needed to generate $12,000 per year ($1,000 per month). The formula is principle divided by the income interest rate ($12,000/.05 = $240,000). I think you will agree that is a large amount necessary to generate $1,000 of income per month.

However, a thousand dollars per month is not too large an amount to expect to make in a retirement job and just look at the impact that it has on preserving your retirement investment.

The Boomer eZine website has a retirement calculator that assists in planning after retirement. It is designed to be used upon retirement to determine how long retirement savings will last under various conditions. You can download it free and use it to test various cases for your planning.

The retirement calculator is a Microsoft Excel file so your will need to have Microsoft Excel on your computer.

To receive instructions on how to use the calculator, click the following link:

Click here to get Your Free Retirement Calculator

If you want to learn more about using the Internet to generate retirement income, go to Retirement Jobs (See resource box below). The site has a well organized study guide to lead you through the process.

The retirement calculators we found on the Internet that include the provision for retirement income are:

1. AARP Retirement Calculator

2. EBRI Calculator

3. MSN Calculator

The MSN Calculator is the most visual and easiest to use. You can see very quickly what impact a retirement job has on your retirement finances.

Best wishes for a long and happy retirement.

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